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Vietri Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are available in a wide range of styles to help you transform your bathroom, kitchen or living spaces with the classic, traditional or unique look that you require. Made from a composition of clay, sand, quartz and glass, ceramic is popular for use as a decorative tile as it is simple to fit and highly durable. While Ceramic tiles are predominately used in bathrooms, as a floor and wall covering, they are suitable for use in all living spaces. Ceramic tiles are a frequent choice for kitchens, laundry rooms, porches, conservatories or any areas that may be prone to moisture. Ceramic tiles can be made in different sizes and are available in different grades of strength. Flooring tiles are tailored to suit varying levels of foot traffic. A group 1 tile is designed for light foot traffic like a residential bath or shower room while a Group 5 tile could be used anywhere in a house or commercial application.

Ceramic floor and wall tiles are suitable for use throughout your home and offer an innovative unique decorative solution. Choose from an extensive range of designs and create your own layouts, combine textured surfaces with polished or matt finishes. We offer Vietri ceramic tiles which are handmade and high quality. An easy to clean, hard wearing, long lasting wall or floor covering made to the best exacting standards.

Our vietri ceramic tiles and objects come in a variety of designs, beautifully finished and hand painted to create the perfect statement for your house.

 A vietri ceramic object uses only the best raw materials and they are made in keeping with hundreds of years of traditional Italian handcraft. Residents of Vietri sul Mare have been making ceramic objects, tiles and decorative furnishings since the 15th century.

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