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Floor Ceramic Tiles

Sleek, versatile and suitable for any room in the home, floor ceramic tiles are the perfect alternative to carpets or wooden floors, offering individuality yet a robust and durable surface. Choose from our broad selection of beautiful and ornate tiles to gracefully complement a myriad of decorating themes and styles. Our handpainted ceramic tiles showcase the work of the many talented designers and artisans who carefully craft each piece individually. Hand painted tiles are also available in a plethora of designs and harmonious colours which pair well in both contemporary or traditional environments.

Produced since 1600 in the Italian town of Vietri, the tiles of the same name are truly exceptional. Attention to detail and the hues of the Amalfi Coast; striking greens, mellow blues, rustic browns and oranges often feature in the artwork of the Vietri ceramic tiles. This beautifully handcrafted floor covering adds a distinctive Mediterranean flavour to rooms and glorifies whichever space they are added to. Additionally, ceramic tiles and Vietri ceramic tiles are also suitable conservatories and commercial spaces, such as restaurants, offices and hotels.

Additionally, we also stock a fine selection of wall ceramic tiles to grace, not only bathroom and kitchen walls but any space in the home which would benefit from their timeless appeal. Our wall ceramic tiles are designed to withstand humid atmospheres, such as kitchens, shower areas and bathrooms, ensuring that they remain in optimal condition for many years to come. Moreover, just like our floor ceramic tiles and Vietri tiles, you can expect premium quality, superb craftsmanship and products that are designed to stand the test of time and conditions. Whether you're looking for tiles to grace the floors or walls in your home, conservatory or office, rest assured that our extensive range will contain exactly the right tiles to suit your requirements and budget.

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