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Hand painted ceramic tiles

Our hand painted ceramic tiles are the perfect way for you to take your interior décor to the next level. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic mosaic, a border or perhaps the creation of a pattern by interspersing decorated tiles with plain ones, our extensive range of colours, designs and finishes is sure to give you plenty of food for thought. Moreover, you can use these tiles to achieve a clean, contemporary look just as easily as you can to produce a more traditional effect.

Suitable for almost all environments, you can let your imagination run free as you design your ideal kitchen, bathroom, wet room, utility area or swimming pool. Used, for example, to create a focal point behind a hob, sink, bath or shower, hand painted ceramic tiles will combine practicality with beauty. They can also make for an unusual and aesthetically pleasing feature in other living areas, including conservatories, porches and halls. Equally, why not think about incorporating them into furniture or other internal décor? Table tops, staircases, floor panels and walls are just some of the ideas you might want to consider.

 Exceptional craftsmanship goes into both the making and the painting of our tiles. The finished products are kiln-fired at very high temperatures to ensure that even the brightest and most vivid colours will not rub, fade or transfer. Consequently, you can be certain that their designs will remain as beautiful as they are on the day that you see them installed into your home.

We would be delighted to discuss your ideas and requirements with you. If you wish, this can include helping you ensure that your chosen designs match or coordinate with their intended surroundings.

 Finally, of course, we never forget the finishing touches. You can choose between matching and contrasting mouldings and grouting to achieve exactly the right look.

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