The house is the image of the self, it is the place of the soul, it is the essence of our personality.

It is the container of what we are and what we feel, it is what belongs to us and therefore we protect.

Building your own home and choosing the materials that will complete it is equivalent to defining a language to be entrusted with the task of speaking about oneself.

The multifaceted production of ARCEA allows us to respond to different needs from time to time Classic, elegant, rustic, modern, sophisticated, traditional: the ceramic covering becomes an important compositional element, a flexible material capable of interpreting specific design contents.

AR.CE.A has been interpreting this great tradition since 1978, renewing the expressiveness of Vietri ceramic art with respect for production techniques and creative freedom that the skill and experience of its master potters translates on tiles or objects by reproducing by hand, faithfully, the artistic idea in all its details and variations. The heart of the company is a laboratory for research, experimentation, processing and contamination that intertwines past and present, culture and tradition, to create the future, with bare hands. AR.CE.A is a tailor's shop in which architects, designers, creatives and artisans create and package unique collections, unrepeatable elsewhere.

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