“Each project is born to become an icon”

Architect, artist and designer, he is an eclectic and creative spirit. His style is original and modern but at the same time permeated by a refined Mediterranean taste typical of his homeland, the Island of Capri, from which derive the proportion of the shapes and the purity of the lines that characterize all his works ( both interior decoration and design ones). His skills as a designer have evolved over the years creating villas and interiors for an international clientele; in recent years his studio has been particularly active in the design of commercial activities in the field of luxury (boutiques, showrooms, etc.) or hospitality (bars, restaurants and prestigious hotels). In his interior projects he has always designed custom-made furniture, unique pieces customized according to the taste and needs of the client. When for one of his projects Francesco visited the Ar.ce.a. remaining fascinated by it, he could not resist the invitation made to him to design a large-format collection for the company.


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